The Hall of the Tower under Egwene al'Vere is the central council of the Aes Sedai since the healing of the White Tower Schism. This Hall should not be confused with the Hall Egwene al'Vere also presided during the White Tower Schism.

A significant change from its predecessors operating during the Schism is the inclusion of both Red and Blue Sitters, returning the Hall to 21 members (three for each Ajah). In addition, deaths, other membership changes, and–most notably–the revelation that some members of both Halls were Black Ajah left only the Brown Ajah to return the same three Sitters who sat when Siuan Sanche was deposed, the other Ajahs were able to return two same Sitters, but the Red changed all of their three Sitters.

The Amyrlin Seat presides over sittings, and her Keeper of the Chronicles announces her entrance. Egwene's Keeper of the Chronicles is Silviana Brehon, a Red. The hall comprises 21 Sitters, three from each Ajah. Under a law adopted during the events of Towers of Midnight, all members (as well as the Amyrlin) must be informed of a sitting, and the Ajahs must appoint a surrogate when a Sitter leaves the Tower.

Ajah Sitter
Red Ajah Barasine[1]
Raechin Connoral[2]
Viria Connoral[2]
Green Ajah Rubinde Acedone
Faiselle Darone
Farnah Sadaou
Gray Ajah Yukiri Haruna
Varilin Zanaire
Andaya Forae
Brown Ajah Saerin Asnobar
Janya Frende
Takima Deraighdin
Yellow Ajah Doesine Alwain
Magla Daronos
Romanda Cassin
White Ajah Seaine Herimon
Ferane Neheran
Saroiya Farseen
Blue Ajah Lelaine Akashi
Lyrelle Arienwin

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  1. Barasine replaced Duhara, was was discovered to be Black Ajah
  2. 2.0 2.1 Raechin and Viria Connoral, siblings, were appointed to replace Pevara Tazanovni and Javindhra Doraille, who remained at the Black Tower.