Hand is a title used amoung the Seanchan.

Not much is known about them, other than there is a hierarchy within the Hands. Known as Lesser Hands, these people both control the Listeners[1] and look over several operations in the Seanchan empire.[2] They are addressed as "Honorable" by other Seanchan and wear garments that have a blue oval panel embroidered with a golden hand for each of their ranks. One of the third rank is only two steps below the Hand to the Empress. A Lesser Hand of the Third Rank can usually escape death on the plea of duty done and will always risk death to do that duty.[2]

When trying to obtain forkroot for his plan to free his wife, Perrin Aybara dealt with a Lesser Hand of the Third Rank. According to Tylee Khirgan, the manufactury in Almizar would normally be run by a Lesser Hand of the Fourth or Fifth rank. When she discovered that it was run by one of the Third Rank, her hopes of getting the forkroot dropped. Perrin, however, used his ignorance of Seanchan custom to "threaten" the Honorable with the wrath of Suroth Sabelle Meldarath should she not deliver the herb.[2]


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