EWoT: Hartha

Biographical information
Nationality Seanchan
Current status Alive
Physical description
Race Ogier
Gender Male
Height Tall
Build Wide
Eye color Black
Chronological and political information
First appeared COT 4
Last appeared KOD 37
Occupation Gardener
Rank First Gardener

Hartha is the leader of the Seanchan Ogier who came to the Westlands during the Corenne. He is second in command to Empress Tuon Paendrag's bodyguard, and is a loyal friend to Furyk Karede.

Appearance Edit

He is weathered and grizzled, with long gray mustaches and eyes like black stones. He is almost as tall as a man in a saddle and very wide.

Activities Edit

He joins up with Karede and Captain Musenge on the hunt to track down Tuon.

He enters Gamel Loune's camp with Karede, looking for information on the army causing havoc on the Seanchan forces, which may have Tuon captive. When the camp where Tuon is held is found, he goes with Karede to meet with the leader of it. Karede takes Tuon back to Ebou Dar leaving Hartha with Matrim Cauthon. Mat's Band of the Red Hand engages a rogue Seanchan force looking to kill Tuon for a reward. The Band wipe the Seanchan force out, and Hartha retrieves Zaired Elbar's head, where it is taken Back to Ebou Dar.

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