Elaida using healing on Moiraine

Healing is the name for the art of healing physical and/or mental injuries through the use of the One Power. It is considered a Talent and it is not related to the strength in the Power. For instance, very strong channelers such as Rand al'Thor, Elayne Trakand and Egwene al'Vere are unable to use these weaves proficiently, but very weak channelers like Asra among the Kinswomen can be very good Healers.

Traditional Aes Sedai methodEdit

Among Aes Sedai the Healing is typically performed by, and is the speciality of, the Yellow Ajah. But we can find very good Healers also in other Ajah, as Moiraine in the Blue.

The traditional Aes Sedai method of Healing using Water, Air, and Spirit eliminates all physical ailments, using the patient's energy reserves for the healing. Small wounds and scars will instantly vanish, while larger wounds will close and heal as if they had healed naturally, but do so in mere seconds.

There are drawbacks to this method of Healing, known to all those who practice it. Lost appendages cannot be replaced, and truly grievous wounds will leave a visible scar. The Healing draws energy from the body of the subject, therefore the shock to the weakened system may also kill the patients if they were near death to begin with. When Moiraine Heals Rand in Tear after the bubble of evil she asks him to try to touch the True Source and simply hold the Power, not doing anything with it, so that the Power can replace what comes from the Healed. Unfortunately Rand is not able to concentrate, so she has to use the energy of his body and weaken him with the Healing.

The majority of healers using this method are not able to Heal a specific area of the body, concentrating the weave there, in fact usually this Healing method must be done to the entire body at once.

But it is possible to vary the overall strength of the Healing weave and some very good healers in the Yellow Ajah as Suana and Samitsu are able to accomplish this.


Healing being used on an arrow wound

Once a patient has been Healed in this manner, his energy reserves must be replenished. For more serious injuries, this can lead to the patient being ravenously hungry and unable to stand on his own power for several days.

Only recently the Aes Sedai discovered with astonishment that this method could be considered quite rough and primitive by the standards of the Forsaken (see below about new and old methods).

The Asha'man recently developed a similar rudimentary and basic method of healing, but not based on Water, Air and Spirit, as the Aes Sedai; in fact Asha'man Healing weave focus on the use of Fire, Earth and Spirit.

The traditional Aes Sedai method of Healing is accompanied by a great chill rippling through the body; contrarily, when Healing is performed using the Asha'man weave, it is accompanied by a great wave of heat.


Traditionally the Aes Sedai use the Delving weave before performing Healing as a way to look for injuries and illnesses in a body.

New-Old HealingEdit

A different method of Healing, very similar to that used in the Age of Legends, has been discovered by Nynaeve al'Meara and independently by Damer Flinn, and Sumeko Karistovan of the Kin; it uses a much more complex weave that utilizes all five elements. Compared to the traditional Aes Sedai method, the new method is by far more effective and avoids most of the negative side effects of the former.

This method of Healing is thought to be a rediscovery of how Healing was done in the Age of Legends because of references made by a number of the Forsaken, alluding to how the use of Healing most popular to current Aes Sedai is the sort of Healing used as first aid "in the midst of battle," and is actually quite crude.

Nynaeve and Flinn (again independently) also discovered a weave that can Heal even severing, something not thought possible even in the Age of Legends.

Nynaeve has recently discovered a method of healing madness in the male channelers. Rand al'Thor comments that even during the Age of Legends that Healing troubles of the mind was rarely accomplished due to the complexity of the task.

In the Prologue of TEOTW Elan Morin Tedronai heals Lews Therin Telamon from madness with Shai'tan's healing – as he describes it – possibly using the True Power and he states that he was never very skilled at Healing. He says what he can do will serve for his purpose, so it is not clear whether it might only be a temporary healing or a permanent one.

People possessing the TalentEdit


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