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There are two template-based methods to link to every book's chapter summary.

By full titleEdit

To link to chapter summaries within the prose of main articles, consider substituting templates 1-13. These should be used when referencing chapters and used in the {{ref/book}} template.
For example, chapter 20 of each book:
{{0|20}} New Spring, Chapter 20
{{1|20}} The Eye of the World, Chapter 20
{{2|20}} The Great Hunt, Chapter 20
{{3|20}} The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 20
{{4|20}} The Shadow Rising, Chapter 20
{{5|20}} The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 20
{{6|20}} Lord of Chaos, Chapter 20
{{7|20}} A Crown of Swords, Chapter 20
{{8|20}} The Path of Daggers, Chapter 20
{{9|20}} Winter's Heart, Chapter 20
{{10|20}} Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 20
{{11|20}} Knife of Dreams, Chapter 20
{{12|20}} The Gathering Storm, Chapter 20
{{13|20}} Towers of Midnight, Chapter 20

By initialismEdit

In lists, parenthetical notes, other chapter summaries, talk pages, category pages, etc.:

{{ns|2}} NS 2
{{teotw|Ravens}} TEOTW Ravens
{{tgh|Prologue}} TGH Prologue
{{tdr|55}} TDR 55
{{tsr|20}} TSR 20
{{tfoh|41}} TFOH 41
{{loc|Epilogue}} LOC Epilogue
{{acos|20}} ACOS 20
{{tpod|20}} TPOD 20
{{wh|20}} WH 20
{{cot|20}} COT 20
{{kod|Prologue}} KOD Prologue
{{tgs|1}} TGS 1
{{tom|8}} TOM 8

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