EWoT: Hessalam

Biographical information
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Eye color Pale, off-center
Chronological and political information
First appeared AMOL Prologue
Last appeared AMOL 48
Rank Chosen

Hessalam is the name given to Graendal after resurrection.

Graendal is killed and resurrected for her failure. When she is next seen, she is hideously disfigured and astonishingly ugly; Moridin introduces her as Hessalam, without forgiveness in the Old Tongue, and says her old name is not to be spoken of again.

Appearance Edit

She has unpleasant features with a hooked and bulbous nose. She has pale eyes which are off-center with each other, a very thin hair. In all the opposite of what Greandal was. Hessalam greatly resents Moridin for her new aspect.


Hag's aspect of Hessalam

Activities Edit

Moridin gathers the last of the Chosen within one of his dreamshards. Moridin reveals to Hessalam a new member of the Chosen, a male who is called M'Hael. Moridin then demands that all other plots and plans by the Chosen are to be concluded and that they are to unite for the Last Battle against the forces of the Light.

While Perrin was in the Wolf Dream physically, he observed her manipulating the Great Captains to lead the battles to ruin. However, she noticed him and lashed out in anger, blaming him more than anyone else for her failure.[1] She is later confronted by Aviendha, Amys, Cadsuane, and a handful of other women channelers at Shayol Ghul. Aviendha, enraged at Hessalam for killing Rhuarc and making him a tool, attacks her with spears of light and fire. As Aviendha hits her in the side, she Travels elsewhere on Shayol Ghul, bringing Aviendha with her.

Exhausted, she manages to shield Aviendha, but not before she ties off a gateway, hoping to signal Amys of her whereabouts. Soon, Hessalam drops the shield and they both lay exhausted. As Aviendha begins to unweave her gateway, Hessalam prepares to strike her down with Compulsion. In her haste, Aviendha picks the wrong thread, causing the gateway to explode. The explosion is not strong enough to kill either of them, but the broken threads of the gateway hit the weaves for Hessalam's Compulsion, causing it to backfire on her.

She is shown to worship Aviendha, and is not seen again after having carried Aviendha back to the camp for Healing.

Talents, Abilities, Personality, TriviaEdit

To read more about Hessalam's talents, personality, abilities and trivia, see the entry about Graendal.


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