For the chapter in A Crown of Swords of the same name, see A Crown of Swords/Chapter 1.

High Chasaline occurs on the twelfth day of Taisham.[1] In Cairhien, the holiday is officially called "The Day of Reflection,"[2] and is called so in some other localities.

It is a feastday, often with dancing that night, on which people are supposed to reflect on their good fortune and the blessings of their lives. Complaining goes against the spirit of this day and a complainer may find himself doused with a bucket of water to wash away the bad luck, a tradition in some villages such as those in Two Rivers.[3] Perrin reflects after the Battle of Dumai's Wells that dousing with a bucket of water during High Chasaline is not a welcome thing because the holiday normally occurs in a cold month.[3]


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