A House is a noble family. Many nations in the Westlands have noble houses. Below are the noble houses by nation.


Noble Houses of Altara
House Mitsobar House Todande


Noble House of Amadicia
House Algoran


Andoran houses are divided into two groups, major and minor. There are nineteen major houses. During a succession, a claimant to the Rose Crown of Andor must win a majority of the major Houses to win the throne.

Major HousesEdit

Major Noble Houses of Andor
House Anshar House Haevin House Renshar
House Arawn House Mantear House Sarand
House Baryn House Marne House Taravin
House Caeren House Northan House Traemane
House Coelan House Norwelyn House Trakand
House Gilyard House Pendar

Minor HousesEdit

Minor Noble Houses of Andor
House Ankarin House Maran House Raened
House Armaghn House Matherin House Talkend House Bryne

Arad DomanEdit

Noble Houses of Arad Doman
House Almadar House Ituralde


Noble Houses of Cairhien
House Annallin House Delovinde House Osiellin
House Chuliandred House Dhulaine House Riatin
House Daganred House Maravin House Saighan
House Damodred House Moseneillin House Taborwin


Noble Houses of Kandor
House Arrel House Noramaga House Marcasiev


Noble House of Mayene
House Paeron


Noble Houses of Saldaea
House Bashere House Gahaur House Kazadi


Noble Houses of Shienar
House Jagad House Togita House Shinowa


Noble Houses of Tear
House Aldiaya House Damara House Saniago
House Annariz House Haellin House Selorna
House Andiama House Mendiana House Sisnera
House Asegoar House Pendaloan

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