House Bryne was a noble House of Andor. It was always a small house, barely living more extravagantly than their subjects. Their sigil was the white bull adorned with the collar of roses. 

House Bryne was, however, renown for its loyalty to the throne of Andor, and served it directly for long time. Its last Lord was Gareth Bryne, a quite extraordinary man who held many offices during his time: Lord of Kore Springs, First Prince of the Sword to Queen Morgase Trakand, one of the Five Great Captains, commander of the rebel Aes Sedai army that besieged Tar Valon, Warder to the former Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche and one of four Great Captains commanding armies of the Light in the Last Battle.

House Bryne's estates were located in northeastern Andor, along the edge of the Braem Wood. Since Gareth Bryne had no family, the House's line is now ended, and are supposedly still run by the woman who took care of the estate in Gareth Bryne's abscence, Caralin.

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