House Matherin is a minor noble house in Andor. Lord Aedmun Matherin is the High Seat of House Matherin.


Lady Nelein Matherin is a dead Andoran noblewoman of House Matherin, grandmother to Lord Aedmun. She appears as a ghost to the maid Elsie.


The House of Matherin is not large enough to count towards gaining the Rose Crown of Andor, but Elayne Trakand makes a point of visiting many of the Houses that are bound to her by blood or oaths. Elayne thinks to herself that while House Matherin is not large or strong, it is old.

The manor of House Matherin lies just over twenty miles from the River Erinin. Inside, Elayne sees a wall hanging of women from House Matherin handing a sword to the first Queen of Andor, an event that Matherin treasures. Elayne is not sure whether this event ever took place.

When Aedmun learned that there were contenders for the throne other than Elayne, he set off for Caemlyn straight away, not even waiting for spring. When Elayne visits House Matherin, she is told that he might be halfway to Caemlyn by now.

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