House Pendaloan is a lesser noble house of Tear.

Algarin is the old Lord of the house manor. The majority of the servants are nearly as old as he, but they still keep the place clean and tend the forests well [1][2].

After the cleansing of saidin the group leaded by Rand and Cadsuane took refuge in the Pendaloan Estate in the East of Tear to take some rest[1]. There they were joined by the group leaded by Logain and Davram Bashere [3].

Some time after the Estate was invaded by Shadowspawn hordes that were destroyed after a cruel battle [4]. Lews Therin Telamon seized control of Saidin during the battle and used weaves that Rand had not previously known to fight the Shadowspawn, causing Logain to make a comment about Rand holding back knowledge to share only with his favorites.

Also while staying at the manor, Loial gets married to Erith after Haman, Corvil, and Erith finally catch up with him. They had traveled all over the eastern portion of the Westlands in pursuit of him, and wasted no time sealing the marriage at the manor.

Known membersEdit

Famous members include:


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