House Riatin is a noble house of Cairhien. The sign of House Riatin is Five Stars. In recent years, Riatin has been one of the two strongest houses in Cairhien, the other being its bitter rival House Damodred. Important recent members of House Riatin include Galldrian Riatin, Toram Riatin, and Ailil Riatin.

Galldrian su Riatin Rie was King of Cairhien from the end of the Aiel War until his assassination by Thom Merrilin in 998 NE. His cousin Toram Riatin, who was High Seat of the House during the ensuing civil war, refused to accept the authority of Rand al’Thor following his rescue of Cairhien from the Shaido Aiel. After going into open rebellion and coming under the influence of Padan Fain, Toram disappeared under mysterious circumstances; he is since deceased. In his absence, his sister Ailil Riatin pronounced herself High Seat of House Riatin with the support of Sashalle Anderley, the highest-ranking Aes Sedai sworn to the Dragon Reborn in the city. She has supported Elayne Trakand’s ascension to the Sun Throne.

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