House Traemane is one of the 19 Major Noble houses of Andor. It's current High Seat is Lady Ellorien Traemane and her estates are at Sheldyn.

House SigilEdit

The sigil of House Traemane is a golden antlered white stag, known as the White Stag of Traemane.


During the Third Succession War, House Traemane supported House Trakand.[1]

During the Fourth Succession War, House Traemane did not support House Trakand, even when Elayne had gathered enough Houses to gain the Lion Throne. The main reason behind this was the fact that Morgase Trakand, while under the influence of Gaebril, had its High Seat flogged.

Traemane has said that it will march behind the Lion of Andor out of necessity when the Last Battle comes and no sooner. There is a still a great deal of animosity between Trakand and Traemane.[2]


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