House Trakand sigil

House Trakand is one of the 19 Major Noble houses of Andor, and the current ruling house.

House membersEdit


Trakand has been the ruling House of Andor since NE 972.

Sigil Edit

House Trakand's sigil is a silver keystone on a blue background.


  • Third Succession War - Under Morgase Trakand, House Trakand won the Third Succession War. The political expertise of Thom Merrilin, her court bard, was very important to her success.
  • Fourth Succession War - Under Elayne Trakand, House Trakand won the Fourth Succession War after gathering fifteen Houses to support her. The turning point of the war was the defeat of Arymilla Marne's forces during the Siege of Caemlyn.

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