The Ivory bracelet is an angreal aligned to saidar. It is in the shape of an acrobat bent backwards so his wrists are tied to his ankles.

The bracelet was found by Moiraine in Rhuidean and brought by her in Cairhien. During Moiraine and Lanfear fight on the docks, this angreal was put by the Aes Sedai over a chart to lure the Forsaken in the position to be pushed inside the twisted redstone doorframe which transported both to the land of the Finn.

While there Moiraine bargained the possession of the bracelet with the Eelfinn and it is still in her possession.

This bracelet is a very powerful angreal, nearly strong enough to be considered a sa'angreal. Now that Moiraine's strength in saidar is dramatically reduced, with the use of this bracelet the Aes Sedai can still wield considerable amount of power.

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