For the chapter in The Fires of Heaven called "Jangai Pass", see The Fires of Heaven/Chapter 20.
Jangai Pass

The Jangai Pass.

The Jangai Pass is the largest and most significant pass through the Spine of the World, leading from the kingdom of Cairhien into the Aiel Waste. It is the start of the Silk Road that stretches across the Waste to fabled Shara.

The Jangai Pass is located just south of the headwaters of the River Gaelin and is defended by two towns, Taien at the eastern end of the pass and Selean at the western.

The Aiel have invaded Cairhien twice using the Jangai Pass. Once during the Aiel War, when they sought out King Laman Damodred to punish him for his destruction of Avendoraldera, and again twenty years later when the Shaido invaded the kingdom before being stopped by Rand al'Thor in a major battle at the the city of Cairhien. Taien and Selean were both sacked on both occasions, and it appears unlikely that the towns will be rebuilt any time soon. [1]


  1. The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 20

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