EWoT: Jaq Lounalt

Tarabon Flag
Jaq Lounalt
Biographical information
Nationality Taraboner
Date of death 1000 NE
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Build Lean
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TSR 38
First appeared COT 15
Last appeared TOM 23
Last mentioned TOM 24
Affiliation Darkfriend
For the similarly named Murandian soldier, see Jac Wynn.
For the similarly named resident of the Two Rivers, see Jac al'Seen.

Jaq Lounalt was a torturer from Tarabon and a Darkfriend.


He was lean with huge mustaches.[1]


With Arymilla Marne

Jaq Lounalt was in the employ of Arymilla Marne and resided in her camp outside Caemlyn.[1] After she took Caemlyn, Arymilla planned on using Jaq to persuade the High Seats that were supporting Elayne Trakand to support her as queen of Andor.[2]

With Sylvase Caeren

When Sylvase Caeren takes over as High Seat of her house, she pledges her support to Elayne and the use of Jaq in the questioning of Arymilla, Naean Arawn, and Elenia Sarand.[3] Elayne uses Jaq's services to question Doilin Mellar and the sisters of the Black Ajah that tried to kidnap her.[4][5]

True allegiance

Unknown to Elayne, Jaq was a Darkfriend and was secretly carrying messages to and from the sisters and planning their escape.[5] When Elayne disguised herself as one of the Forsaken and attempted to get information out of Chesmal Emry, Jaq tried to free the Black sisters.

In the ensuing skirmish Elayne is badly injured, while Chesmal, Eldrith Jhondar, and Temaile Kinderode, were killed, while Jaq managed to flee the scene.[5] His body is later found with a knife in the back.[6]


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