EWoT: Jarid Sarand

Jarid Sarand
Biographical information
Nationality Andoran
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First appeared TFOH 19
Last appeared AMOL Prologue
Last mentioned AMOL 1
Affiliation House Marne
Title Lord
Rank High Seat

Jarid Sarand is a high-ranking noble of Andor and High Seat of House Sarand. He is married to Elenia Sarand.


He is dark and square faced.


Jarid was one of the nobles who didn't support Morgase Trakand when she assumed the throne after the Succession, and was forced to swear fealty to her afterwards.


He was one of the nobles who spent time in the Royal Palace of Andor when Queen Morgase was under the thrall of Lord Gaebril. After Gaebril's demise he spent his time fawning over Rand al'Thor.

When Elayne returned to Andor, he was part of Arymilla Marne's forces that have laid siege of Caemlyn. He was kept separate from Elenia so he would be unable to find a way to escape Arymilla with his wife.

Arymilla mobilized her entire force and attacked the Far Madding Gate. Her army was outflanked and surrendered. Jarid still had a sizable force behind him and was still at large.

His camp was apparently struck by a bubble of evil which reduced all the metal there to sludge. Their weapons useless, his troops deserted, leaving him tied to a tree while ghosts appeared around them.[1]


  1. A Memory of Light, Prologue

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