EWoT: Jeade'en

Biographical information
Current Status Alive
Animal type Horse
Physical description
Gender Stallion
Color Dapple
Chronological and ownership information
First appeared TSR 22
Last appeared LOC 10
Owner Rand al'Thor

Jeade'en is the name of one of Rand al'Thor's horses. His name means "True Finder" in the Old Tongue.


Jeade'en is a dappled stallion of the best of Tairen bloodstock.


After taking the Stone of Tear, Rand chooses a sturdy horse from the stables and names him Jeade'en. Jeade'en carries Rand away from Tear on their way to the Portal Stone and into the Aiel Waste.[1] Jeade'en is used by Rand as he makes his way across the Waste; journeying from Rhuidean to Cold Rocks Hold,[2][3] from Cold Rocks Hold to Alcair Dal[4] and from Alcair Dal to the Jangai Pass.[5] As they enter Cairhien, Jeade'en carries Rand from Taien[6] to Selean[7] to the city of Cairhien.[8][9][10] Rand also rides Jeade'en while Traveling from the docks of Cairhien to Caemlyn.[11]


Rand read that Jain Farstrider rode a horse named Jeade'en. He liked the name and used it for his horse.


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