Jehannah is the capital of Ghealdan and the location of the royal residence, the Jheda Palace.


It was built on the site of Shanaine, formerly a part of Manetheren.[1] It lies on the River Boern.[2]

Recent eventsEdit

In 999 NE, after Rand al'Thor fought Ishamael at Falme, Moiraine Damodred sent Uno Nomesta and his Shienaran soldiers to a contact of hers in Jehannah.[3] When they arrived in Jehannah, however, the contact was dead and they decided to go their own way.[4]

Both Faile Bashere and Lord Orban wintered in Jehannah when hunting for the Horn of Valere.[5]

When evading the Seanchan, Matrim Cauthon's Redarms left rumors that they were heading toward Jehannah. Furyk Karede saw through the this ruse.[6]

Before the Battle of Malden, Perrin Aybara ordered the servants and camp followers to head to the Jehannah Road and deliver Queen Alliandre Maritha Kigarin in Jehannah.[7]


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