EWoT: Jonan Adley

Jonan Adley
Biographical information
Nationality Altaran
Date of death 1000 NE
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First appeared LOC 11
Last appeared TPOD 24
Last mentioned TPOD 27
Affiliation The Dragon Reborn
Occupation Asha'man
Rank Soldier (Asha'man)

Jonan Adley was an Altaran Asha'man Soldier in his mid twenties. He did not gain the rank of Dedicated.

Appearance Edit

He had eyebrows like thick black caterpillars. He looked four years older than Rand al'Thor.


Illian and the Seanchan Edit

Along with Damer Flinn, Jur Grady, Eben Hopwil, and Fedwin Morr he was one of the first to be trained by Mazrim Taim at the farm when the amnesty was first announced.

He participated in the battle of Dumai's Wells and was selected by Rand to escort him to Cairhien. He was used as a messenger for communication between the force which attacked Illian and Rand al'Thor. He helped destroy several outposts on the borders of Illian but was forced to flee when Sammael Traveled there and Channeled the One Power at Rand's army. He arrived to tell Rand that the attack had begun and he Traveled to Illian with Rand in order to try to bring Sammael back to the city of Illian.

He accompanied Rand to Cairhien, Caemlyn, and Illian. He lost control of saidin just outside of Ebou Dar and killed a number of his own men. He was accidentally killed by Rand in a battle with the Seanchan when Rand lost control of Callandor.

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