The Jumai are a sept of the Shaido Aiel.

Sevanna is of the Jumai sept and the Jumai all accompany her to Ghealdan. They are the last sept to go through one of Caddar's gateways. Sevanna also brings all the channeling Wise Ones with her.

There are almost twice as many gai'shain with Sevanna's Shaido in Malden as there are Jumai, her own people.

Aiel of the Jumai sept have a disagreement with the Mera'din - the Jumai say that the Mera'din will not get their share of the land's plunder (the "fifth") because they are not part of their sept, yet Kinhuin says that it is because the Mera'din are twice the number of Jumai and it means that the Jumai will get less if they have to share. He brings this matter to the Wise Ones.

Melindhra was also of the Jumai sept.

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