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"Few things in the Blight will face a Worm, can it be avoided."
   —Lan Mandragoran, The Eye of the World, Chapter 49
"Did you know there are jumara loose in the Blight? Full-grown, though they'll never transform now. They call them Worms."
   —Sammael, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 23

A jumara, also known as a Worm,[1] is a type of Shadowspawn that was created by Aginor sometime before or during the War of Power, currently found in the Blight. The jumara are merely a larval stage to an even more horrible and dangerous type of Shadowspawn. The jumara that currently plague the Blight will never transform.[2]

Jumara are extremely dangerous. They appear as large worms and their movement makes a very loud squishing sound. Traveling in packs called Wormpacks, a person can hear jumara cry to one another, a chorus reedy and shrill. A single jumara can kill a Myrrdraal; most of the terrifying creatures in the Blight will flee from a jumara, although jumara themselves are scared of whatever creatures live in the high passes of the Blasted Lands.[1]

Jumara are very effective at overtaking prey. In order to survive an encounter with jumara, the Worm must be cut to pieces.[1]

Adult jumara are multi-pedal insectiod creatures. They are covered in spines and tentacles, and are so massive that Demandred, when retrieving Sakarnen, momentarily mistook the mouth of an adult jumara for the entrance to a cave. Direct use of the One Power against them serves only to make them stronger. It is speculated that Aginor did not intend for jumara to serve in the Shadow's armies, but that he created them simply to see how horrifically monstrous a creature he could engineer.

While searching for Sakarnen in Shara, Demandred encountered an adult jumara at Rai'lair, The Hearttomb. Somehow the creature had found the ancient cavern, and matured to adulthood. Demandred only just barely managed to slay the creature, commenting to himself that, had he not known exactly what it was and how to go about killing it, he would never have survived.


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