Jurador is a large town in Altara.


There is a large stone wall around the town. The buildings are mainly stone and roofed with reddish tiles. The town's main export is salt.[1]

Locations and notable residentsEdit

The Lady Aethelaine is the local ruler of Jurador. Her palace in is the town's main square. Other residents mentioned are Adela and Hurd, who are stable hands, Toke Fearnim, the stable owner, and Nelsa, a cloth shop's assistant.


When Valan Luca's Traveling Show is crossing Altara, they stop in Jurador.[1] Matrim Cauthon takes Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag shopping in Jurador, accompanied by Selucia.[2] Mat later returns to Jurador and purchases a black yew stave and a Domani horse called a razor. This horse, which Tuon later names Akein, was purchased from Toke Fearnim.[3] Some Seanchan soldiers and the show's bouncers have a scuffle about entry fees.[4] Due to this encounter, Valan Luca decides to leave Jurador before the next morning.[5] Thomdril Merrilin later learns that the gholam that had hunted Mat killed a person in Jurador after they had left.[6]


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