EWoT: Kaisel Noramaga

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Kaisel Noramaga
Biographical information
Nationality Kandori
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First appeared TOM 42
Last appeared AMOL 29
Affiliation Lan Mandragoran
Title Prince

Kaisel Noramaga is the grandson of Queen Ethenielle Cosaru Noramaga.


He is young, almost a boy.


It is likely that he is the son of Antol Noramaga, the eldest of Queen Ethenielle's children.


Kaisel is told by Nynaeve al'Meara to wait for Lan Mandragoran at the Silverwall Keeps and to look for Mandarb as Lan will most probably be disguised.

Kaisel spots Lan there and asks to join him on his ride to Tarmon Gai'don. With this final addition, Lan finally lets the Golden Crane fly.

Kaisel is part of Lan's much smaller force which is gradually pushed backwards through the Tarwin's Gap. Their army has caused massive amounts of damage to the Trolloc army, but unfortunately Lan's army has been cut in half at the same time. Lan suggests a full retreat and then one last charge. Lan is impressed with how stoic Kaisel is with the order, not coming to fight for glory but for duty. As the army charges, Borderlander reinforcements from the Field of Merrilor arrive through gateways. Kaisel toasts fallen comrades at the end of one of their battle shifts. He is with Lan when Dreadlords join the battle and start pummeling their army with the One Power. Lan orders the retreat of the Gap. He considers himself part of the High Guard of Malkier.[1]

Kaisel is present when Lord Agelmar Jagad, who is under Hessalam's Compulsion, is confronted by Lan concerning the mistakes he has been making throughout the battle.


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