EWoT: Kajin

Shienar Flag
Biographical information
Nationality Shienaran
Current status alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Height tall
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TGH 6
First appeared TGH 8
Last appeared TGH 9
Occupation Guard
Title Lord

Kajin was a guard in Shienar.


He was tall, lean and sallow.

Activities Edit

He was checking to see who was missing in the Fal Dara keep to identify possible darkfriends.[1]

He saluted Lan and Rand on their way to visit the Amyrlin.[2] He prevents Rand from entering the Women's quarters to see Egwene before he leaves to find the Horn of Valere.


  1. The Great Hunt, Chapter 6
  2. The Great Hunt, Chapter 8

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