EWoT: Kara Defane

Kara Defane
Biographical information
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First mentioned WH 8
First appeared KOD 14
Last appeared KOD 14
Affiliation Kin
Kara Defane is a Wise Woman from Toman Head.


She is plump and merry-eyed. She appears young, to be in her twenties, even though she is near fifty.


Kara would be a very strong channeler, if she will be able to overcome her block, at the moment her strength is moderate, but she is described with a potential stronger than Elayne but not as strong as Nynaeve, so she would be between the levels 7(+6) and 4(+9).


She is a wilder and was a Wise Woman in a fishing village near Toman Head who was captured by the Seanchan and made damane.

Kara was used by the Seanchan against the Dragon's armies in Altara. She is later captured by Rand al'Thor's forces on the Seanchan campaign for Illian.

She is sent to Elayne Trakand in Caemlyn by Taim. Kara parroted the party line at first, but later allowed that she really would like the collar off.

On the other hand she didn’t want to harm the sul'dam or at least some. In fact she was affected from a residue of the treatement suffered and she still felt a very strong affection, almost love, for the sul'dam who trained her and those who held the leash.

Elayne and the others did not fully trust her, they are afraid that she would obey a sul'dam who ordered her to help an escape.

Reanne Corly begins to take her on walks around the Caemlyn palace, to show her how to act like a free woman again.

Like many wilders Kara developed a block that enabled her to use only a tiny amount of power, so she has not yet reached her full potential.

The sul'dam forced her with the a'dam to overcome her block, but when the a'dam is removed her block returns and so the Kinswomen are helping her also with this problem.