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EWoT: Kash

Biographical information
Nationality Unknown nationality
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TOM 46
First appeared AMOL 42
Last appeared AMOL 42
Affiliation The Shadow
Occupation Asha'man
Rank Asha'man

Kash is an Asha'man in the Black Tower.

Activities Edit

He has only just turned up in the Black Tower but has become very strong in the One Power very quickly.

Regardless of turned to the Shadow or being a Darkfriend, Kash showed up on the Field of Merrilor in the company of Alviarin Freidhen, Rianna Andomeran, Varil Nensen and Atal Mishraile. Through a clever trap designed by Pevara Tazanovni and Androl Genhald, he and the rest were tricked into Stedding Sholoon, where they were taken captive by the Ogier.

He is presumably still alive and a captive of the Ogier.

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