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"I think we've just found the Ancient Muckety-muck Sisterhood of Wise Women."
   —Nynaeve al'Meara[1]

The Kin is a group of female channelers who help pull outs and in some cases the runaways from the White Tower. None of these women were Aes Sedai, but having trained in the Tower they have some similar rules and are not exactly wilders. Rank among the Kin is determined by age, not strength in the Power. The thirteen oldest members in Ebou Dar comprise the Knitting Circle and are the ruling body of the Kin. The oldest of the Knitting Circle is known as the Eldest.

It was recently discovered that because the Kin do not use the Oath Rod, they live significantly longer lives than Aes Sedai. When the ages of The Kin were discovered, they were met with disbelief by many Aes Sedai.

Until revealed to them by Elayne after she was told by Vandene Namelle, the Kin believed their existence was unknown, but Aes Sedai actually used them to locate runaways. This way, the capture rate of women who fled the White Tower was significantly improved, catching 90% of all runaways.

In A Crown of Swords/Chapter 31, Merilille Ceandevin Sedai asked Reanne Corly how many Kinswomen there are all together. Reanne answered that they are one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three (1,783) names on the roll. The Aes Sedai present were shocked for the large number because the Kin is almost twice as many as their total number. Reanne mistook their silence and thought that it was too few a number.

Egwene al'Vere, the Amyrlin Seat, unveiled a plan while with the faction of Rebel Aes Sedai: that Aes Sedai who wish to retire could have the Three Oaths removed and be sent to the Kin. This would allow them to live out their greater remaining days in peace while tying The Kin to the White Tower, although it does mean that those who lived with The Kin must accept their rules and customs. So far this plan has not come into action and has been met with strong opposition by some Sitters in the Hall.

After the gholam attacked in the Rahad store all the Kinswomen in Ebou Dar fled to The Farm, so most of them escaped to be captured as Damane by the Seanchan that conquered the city.

Around 150 members of the Kin have gone with Elayne to Caemlyn, after Ebou Dar was conquered by the Seanchan. Some time later a group of them, led by Alise, signed a contract with the Queen of Andor and they will establish themselves there permanently as supporter of the crown, granting healing and traveling to the Andorans. This contract was not considered well by the Amyrlin Seat and Hall of the Tower, but the upcoming of the Last Battle stopped them to take a measure about it.

List Edit

List of known Kinswomen (with strength)


  1. A Crown of Swords, Chapter 23
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