The Kingdom of Emerald was a website for Wheel of Time lovers who want all the aspects of the WoT World. The site was an online forum community. It has not been active since 2007.

Kingdom of Emerald Edit

The Kingdom of Emerald is a new Wheel of Time community that allows both male and female Aes Sedai, as well as male and female Warders that are part of the Armed Forces. New members may choose to become either Aes Sedai or Warders, or even stay a member of the city and go on to become Nobles and High Lords.

The White Tower Edit

The White Tower's current Amyrlin Seat is Hanajima al'Cere, one of the two founding members. The current leadership in the Tower is:

The Armed Forces Edit

The Armed Forces side of the site takes care of all Warders, bonded and unbonded. The leader of the AF is currently Maester Godric, assisted by Haren Lokide. New recruits to the tower are raised by activity levels and participation.

External Links Edit

The Kingdom of Emerald

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