EWoT: Kirukan

Biographical information
Nationality Aramaellen
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TFOH 48
Last mentioned TPOD Prologue
Title Queen of Aramelle
Rank Queen

Kirukan was a fabled warrior Queen from Aramaelle.

History Edit

Legend says that she beheaded a False Dragon with her sword and had two sons to another man who could channel. Birgitte Silverbow said that Kirukan's temper was like that of a boar caught in briars.[1]


Years later her sword, which has a two-handed hilt and may have been Power-wrought, is in the possession of Queen Ethenielle Cosaru Noramaga of Kandor.[2]


  1. The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 48
  2. The Path of Daggers, Prologue

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