"Egwene has called the Hall to sit. Will you go?"
   —Siuan Sanche talking to Lelaine Akashi.

External summary

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Setting: The Rebel Aes Sedai camp near the outskirts of Tar Valon


Point of view: Siuan Sanche

Siuan Sanche

"If we try a rescue, Aes Sedai will die at the hands of Aes Sedai, sure as silverpike spawn in the reeds." - Siuan Sanche

The Rebel Aes Sedai believe Egwene is dead since her boat was found overturned on the banks of the River Erinin. The stench of burning sulphur carried by an easterly wind wakes Siuan Sanche in the middle of night. Fear of Egwene’s capture has caused chaos amongst the Rebel Aes Sedai. However, Siuan possesses news that will ease their fears. She dresses and works hard to force thoughts of Gareth Bryne out of her mind before leaving his tent. Siuan rides mild and milk-water Nightlily to the Aes Sedai camp. She enters Myrelle’s tent to find her in a meeting with Sheriam, Morvrin, and Carlinya. Siuan announces that Egwene and Leane are both alive and prisoners inside the White Tower. She stops the group before they engage in an abrupt rescue attempt, recalling Egwene’s orders against any rescue attempts. The group of Egwene loyalists debate the rationale behind the Amyrlin Seat's orders until Lelaine Akashi intrudes upon the meeting and requests Siuan’s presence alone.

Lelaine tells Siuan that she interrogated Faolain Orande to find out Siuan has been working with the other Sisters. She has had Faolain confined which is why she was not available when looked for the last few days. Siuan tells her of Egwene's request that the Sitters meet in the Hall of the Tower within Tel'aran'rhiod when Last sounds, tomorrow. Lelaine all but admits to scheming her way to the title of Amyrlin should Egwene fall, and expects the support of all the Egwene loyalists when the time comes.










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