"Make the sign, and a door opens."
   —Olver, explaining how to enter the Tower of Ghenjei

External summary

<<<   A Village in Shiota    >>>
Setting: Central Altara


Point of view: Mat

Valan Luca's Grand Traveling Show and Magnificent Display of Marvels and Wonders comes across a strange-looking village. They move into the fields to begin to set up, and see a peddler passing through the village, looking very puzzled at it. Mat recognizes the architecture as that of the country of Shiota, which disappeared centuries ago. He yells to the peddler to keep going, that they are ghosts, but the peddler stops. The village sinks into the ground and vanishes, taking him with it. With difficulty Luca convinces everyone to continue on, after going around the site.

That night Thomdril Merrilin reads his letter from Moiraine Damodred yet again, while Olver and Noal Charin play Snakes and Foxes. Mat finally asks Thom why he keeps reading the letter and looking so puzzled. Thom gives him the letter to read. Moiraine addresses it to "My dearest Thom." She says that she is going to confront Lanfear, and that afterward everyone will believe she is dead, but that she is not. She says that if he comes to rescue her with Mat and one other person, a man she does not know, they may succeed, but not otherwise. She says Mat knows the way to find her.

Mat says Moiraine must be trapped with the Aelfinn and Eelfinn, but the doorway melted so he does not know how to reach them. Olver says the Tower of Ghenjei will take them there. No one knows where that is. Noal describes it, and Mat remembers it from his journey down the Arinelle with Thom, Rand al'Thor, and Bayle Domon. Olver explains that it can be opened making the sign from the Snakes and Foxes game with a bronze knife on the side of it. Noal volunteers to be the third. Mat explains what he knows about the Aelfinn and Eelfinn, including the doors and his memories. He thinks they will know he is coming. Thom says he will go to find Moiraine with or without Mat. Mat agrees to come along, at which point the dice stop in his head.











  • Bronze knife


One PowerEdit


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