External summary

<<<   A Hell in Maderin    >>>
Setting: Maderin


Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Valan Luca's traveling show sets out very early in the morning. Well short of midday, they stop near a town called Maderin. Tuon has Selucia tell Matrim Cauthon to come to her wagon where she tells him that she wants to visit a "hell", the roughest sort of tavern. In the end, Thomdril Merrilin takes them to The White Ring, which he thinks is rough enough for Tuon. After a while, Tuon wants to see how lucky Mat is, which leads him to gamble with two merchants. Vane, the third merchant at the table leaves after a round without having wagered a coin. Mat wins every toss until the last at which point he loses everything back. He tells Tuon that was very lucky since winning that often might have gotten him in trouble.

After the game, Thom tells Mat that there are Seanchan armies ahead of them at the border to Murandy in search of a "Daughter of the Nine Moons-imposter" they are to kill. Mat and Thom begin making plans to leave the show soon and head into the forest. When Mat, Thom, Tuon and Selucia leave the White Ring, they are attacked by a large group of swordsmen. Mat kills about seven, earning a lot of gashes, but he would not raise his weapon against the last one, a woman. Before she can kill Mat, Tuon rescues Mat with well placed unarmed combat blows. Mat explains to Tuon that he promised not to kill any more women. Thom, Selucia and Tuon fought another group of six. Thom promises to forget what he saw, which was Selucia acting as a bodyguard rather than a servant. Mat also managed to lose the gamble on their nick names since Mat called her Tuon and she still hasn't called him Mat.

They decide to leave Maderin and Luca's show as fast as they can, because Mat recognized Vane, the fellow who left the tavern earlier among the attackers and is afraid of being blamed for the fight since he is a respectable merchant.