External summary

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Setting: Almizar


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin Aybara and his group ride to the north end of Almizar after Travelling by Gateway. Perrin worries about Aram and wishes he could have come since there are many Tinker caravans in the area, but Aram is go close to Masema these days. Faile has been a prisoner of the Shaido for fifty-one days now and nothing matters to Perrin but getting her back safely. One of the clerks is coughing and eventually begins spewing out beetles which frightens everyone. Perrin just notes that the beetles are harmless and urges Tylee to continue with her business here. Banner-General Tylee Khirgan of the Seanchan wants to have some raken and fliers provided. Perrin uses the note from Suroth as a substitute for official orders. Although she does not get as many as she wanted to, Perrin urges them on. Perrin mentions all of the gear the support troops are to bring is to be loaded into carts since Neald cannot make a Gateway large enough for wagons.

They ride through town to the forkroot manufactory, to meet with the Imperial Functionary in charge. There are a lot of people reacting to Perrin's yellow eyes. When they reach the building Tylee requests that Perrin only speak to her and she will try to make the case for acquiring the forkroot. The ask for all of the forkroot in stock along with carts and drivers using the note signed by Suroth. The functionary hesitates so Perrin happens to mention that Suroth made threats to anyone that prevented them from taking all of it.

As Tylee and Perrin chat on their way to an inn, Perrin takes an arrow through his arm that was actually aimed at his heart. Tylee asked an awkward question which him to twist in his saddle to look at her. After the arrow is removed Neald is ready to Heal Perrin but he doesn't want the Seanchan to see Healing performed. Bakayar Mishima reports the men who shot the arrows poisoned themselves rather than reporting failure, which points at a powerful enemy in Khirgan's opinion. Perrin is puzzled by who would wish him dead since Masema is too far away, but perhaps the Forsaken which he decides to not mention.