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<<<   To Make an Anchor Weep    >>>
Setting: Illian (city)


Point of view: Harine din Togara Two Winds

Harine is on her way by boat to a meeting of the First Twelve of the Atha'an Miere. The harbor is filled with ships including many Seanchan vessels that were taken when the Sea Folk escaped from Ebou Dar and there are many more outside the harbor that have no room to anchor. She arrives at a large Seanchan vessel where the meeting is to be held. Others of the First Twelve either ignore Harine or are openly discourteous due to her Bargain Rand which resulted in a thrashing. Even in disfavor she still has Min's viewing that she will someday be Mistress of Ships to keep up her spirits.

The purpose of the meeting is to meet with Logain who was sent by the Dragon Reborn, the Sea Folk Coramoor. Amylia, the Aes Sedai teacher Harine brought from Caemlyn calls Logain tainted since he can channel saidin and that the White Tower should be involved in any discussions with him. Zaida cuts her off short, stating she has no fear of the White Tower's wrath. Logain informs them that saidin is now clean, not tainted. Harine wants to know where the Coramoor is so she can send an ambassador to him. Logain tells her that is location is secret but Harine will be acceptable as his ambassador. Logain is invoking the terms of the Bargain to have the Sea Folk ships carry supplies from Illian and Tear to Bandar Eban. Harine does not find that too onerous until he tells her that supplies for a million people are needed.

The Shipmistress interrupts the meeting to tell Harine a messenger has arrived. Three weeks ago Amayar couples began asking the gift of passage to every island the Sea Folk Use. Then the Amayar disappeared from the Sea Folk cities. When their villages were investigated, they were all dead or dying. Their actions were based on a prophecy that some day the Choedan Kal on Tremalking would melt, which it did after Rand cleansed saidin.







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