External summary

<<<   In Malden    >>>
Setting: Malden


Point of view: Faile Bashere

Faile is preparing for her last day in the Shaido camp since Galina has promised to rescue her now that they acquired the Oath Rod. Dairaine Saighan enters and realizes an escape is planned is tries to leave to inform Sevanna. Maighdin says she is lying and with Faile's and Alliandre's help they bind and gag her. Bain and Chiad will deal with Dairaine at Faile's request. They head in to Malden carrying baskets of laundry with supplies for their escape hidden beneath the clothes. They enter a former inn and Faile retrieves the Oath Rod she hid there. They meet Galina at a half-burned house that looks unstable but Galina says it is sound. They enter and descend to the basement where Galina takes the Oath Rod. Galina acts as if she hears something and goes upstairs to check. Suddenly beams and boards collapse around them blocking the exit. They call for Galina but there is no answer. They begin to carefully try to clear the stairs but it is slow going since they don't want more of the building to collapse on them. Faile thinks she hears wolves and briefly thinks of Perrin. Faile asks Maighdin to channel to make a red scarf at the building's entrance move so someone might notice it. Her channeling is very sporadic though and weak but she does her best.

Point of view: Galina Casban

Galina leaves the town wishing she had killed Therava, but not daring, not even sure if she had the nerve to do so. Wolves howl nearby and then she sees the ridge above her is covered in fog. She realizes this precedes Perrin's attack on the Shaido so she is glad she is leaving and that Faile is trapped in the town or her lies would be exposed.





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