External summary

<<<   A Cup of Kaf    >>>
Setting: Altara


Point of view: Furyk Karede

Furyk is visiting one of the Seanchan camps in northern Altara where the Deathwatch Guards are not respected. He is still searching for Tuon, four weeks of chasing rumors with no results yet. Gamel Loune the camp commander meets with Furyk and discusses the recent defeats the Ever Victorious Army has been having lately while they sip their Kaf. The opposing force has Aes Sedai and maybe Asha'man since some bodies have been torn apart without female channeling. Furyk suspects the commander is Thom Merrilin, possibly not his real name. General Chisen is bringing his entire force from the northern border to try to deal with the attacks. Furyk reasons that the reason for the attacks is to open up the northern border to allow the kidnapped Tuon to be taken out of Altara. He tells Musenge that they will ride for the Malvide Narrows and hope to catch up in the four days it will take to get there.