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The Knitting Circle is the group of thirteen women who lead The Kin, a group mostly formed by White Tower initiates who failed to achieve the rank of Aes Sedai.

Structure and functionEdit

Unlike Aes Sedai, whose rank depends primarily, but not exclusively, on strength in saidar, the Kin choose their Knitting Circle based solely on age. The thirteen oldest Kinswomen in Ebou Dar comprise the Circle, which is led by the Eldest.

In order to maintain their secrecy, the Knitting Circle nears fanaticism in enforcing their rules. The women of The Kin lead very long lives as do Aes Sedai, and in many cases even longer than Aes Sedai, making the thirteen of the Knitting Circle some of the oldest women alive. They carefully avoid allowing any member of the Kin to remain active in Ebou Dari society for too long to avoid notice of their longevity.

Recent activitiesEdit

The discovery of the Kin and the advanced ages of some of them caused consternation and disbelief among the Aes Sedai. It is now known that the Aes Sedai tradition of swearing on the Oath Rod is the cause of their comparatively short lifespans.

Elayne, Nynaeve, Aviendha, and Birgitte ask the Knitting Circle to help them locate the Bowl of the Winds, which will supposedly counteract the Dark One's touch on the world, reverting the seasons back to normal conditions. The Kinswomen agree.


Members of the Knitting Circle with their strength level and age (when known). Also includes the reasons for being put out of the Tower (incomplete; those below the minimum level to test for Aes Sedai, 45(33), will not be indicated).

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