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EWoT: Lain Mandragoran

Lain Mandragoran
Biographical information
Nationality Malkier
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TEOTW 47
Last mentioned TGH 7
Title Lord
For others with the same surname, see Mandragoran.

Lain Mandragoran was the brother of al'Akir Mandragoran of lost Malkier. His wife was Breyan Mandragoran and his nephew is Lan Mandragoran.

History Edit

On a dare from his wife Breyan, he led a number of men into the Blight where they perished. He was a great man and it was a huge loss to Malkier, weakening it for a huge Trolloc invasion, which ultimately destroyed it. He was survived by his son Isam (Slayer).

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