Legion of the Dragon

Members of the Legion of the Dragon.

The Legion of the Dragon is a large military formation, all infantry, giving allegiance to the Dragon Reborn. The Legion is led and trained by Davram Bashere along lines worked out by himself and Mat Cauthon, lines which depart sharply from the usual employment of foot.

Troopers in the Legion wear tunics with buttons on the side, so as to show an unbroken dragon embroidered on the chest. The Legion employs crossbows heavily, in contrast to conventional infantry which typically rely on melee combat, with archers serving a supporting role.


While many men simply walk in to volunteer, large numbers of the Legion are scooped up by recruiting parties from the Black Tower, who first gather all of the men in an area who are willing to follow the Dragon Reborn. Only after taking them through Gateways to near Caemlyn winnow out those who can be taught to channel. The remainder, by far the greater number, are sent to Bashere's training camps.

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