EWoT: Liandrin Guirale

Liandrin Guirale
Biographical information
Nationality Taraboner
Date of birth 964 NE
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Honey-colored and braided
Eye color Dark Brown
Chronological and political information
First appeared TGH 4
Last appeared KOD Prologue
Last mentioned TGS 39
Affiliation Black Ajah
Occupation Da'covale
Rank Aes Sedai
Ajah Red Ajah
Liandrin Guirale (pronounced: lee-AHN-drihn) is an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, who was revealed to be secretly of the Black Ajah.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

Liandrin has dark brown eyes and honey-colored hair, which she wears in a multitude of thin beaded braids.[1] She is pretty with a face bearing doll-like features and a rosebud mouth.[1] Liandrin deliberately behaves and speaks like upper crust Taraboners.[2] However, when angry she will sometimes lapse into the more vulgar dialect she spoke during her commoner upbringing.[3]

Liandrin is well skilled in the One Power by Aes Sedai standards. Her ability on the Power Strength Scale is equivalent to 14(2).[4] This level of strength places her in position of great political advantage in the White Tower. Liandrin has developed a minor Talent with Compulsion which she frequently uses to manipulate others to forward selfish personal agendas. She is very weak in healing, and is frequently jealous of those who can kill with the power; a skill tightly linked with healing.[3] Though she first learned to channel on her own as a girl, she does not consider herself a wilder and loathes them.

History Edit


Liandrin from the CCG

Liandrin was born in 964 NE in Tarabon to parents in poverty. Her father possessed no trade skills or special abilities and was reduced to selling fruit from a wheelbarrow to feed his family. Liandrin grew up envious of anyone with power or rank and sought at an early age to escape her meager life and gain status for herself. As a young girl she first learned she could channel when she unwittingly developed a Weave of Compulsion that forced others to do her bidding; a skill she referred to as "opening people" to her suggestions. Though useful, the weave is flawed and frequently hurts its target, causing victims to feel stabbing pains of agony in their minds if it is used to aggressively.[5] Emboldened by this talent and driven by her greed for advancement she eventually swore oaths as a Darkfriend. In 979 NE, as her ability to channel continued to manifest, she went to Tar Valon at the age of sixteen. She spent five years as a novice and five more as Accepted. She was raised as a full Aes Sedai sister in 989 NE and chose the Red Ajah. Soon after swearing the Three Oaths she covertly joined the Black Ajah, forswore those oaths, and passed through the secret black ceremony where she became bound to entirely new oaths to the cabal.[3]


In the summer of 998NE Liandrin was summoned to Shayol Ghul and there attended the Darkfriend Social where she was given secret directives to be carried out in the White Tower.[6][3] Soon afterwards Liandrin traveled to Fal Dara as one of the Red Ajah representatives in the Amyrlin Seat's entourage.[1] While there she used her Compulsion to force Amalisa Jagad to search for Rand.[7] On the journey back to Tar Valon she grudgingly gave a channeling lesson to Nynaeve al'Meara and Egwene al'Vere. However, she taught little and spent far more time trying to intimidate the two young women into answering questions about Rand, Mat, and Perrin.[8]

In the fall of 998 NE she convinced Nynaeve al'Meara, Egwene al'Vere, Elayne Trakand, and Min Farshaw that Rand al'Thor was in grave danger and needed their help.[9] After insisting on absolute secrecy she convinced the four young women to sneak out of the White Tower and travel to the Tar Valon grove where they entered a Waygate and journeyed through the Ways to Toman Head.[10] When they emerged, Liandrin betrayed all four to The High Lady Suroth; leading to Nynaeve and Elayne fleeing for their lives, Egwene being made Damane, and Min being beaten and nearly killed.[11] After threatening Suroth in response to the High Lady's aggressive posture towards her, Liandrin returned to the Ways and journeyed back to Tar Valon. Shortly afterwards she returned to the White Tower and, with the help of twelve other Black Ajah sisters, stole several ter'angreal from the Tower storerooms. Liandrin then fled Tar Valon with this group of women. In the process of doing so her group was responsible for killing twenty-one people, including three Aes Sedai and two warders.[12]

Working for Be'LalEdit

Liandrin's group travels to Tear and sets up camp in the Stone of Tear, obeying the Forsaken Be'lal. Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene follow them, but the Black sisters capture them.[13] After Rand takes the Stone, they flee to Tanchico and Liandrin has Jaichim Carridin seize the Panarch's Palace so that they can locate the male a'dam inside it.[3] However, when riots break out in the city, Liandrin and the others are once again forced to run.

Working for MoghedienEdit

Liandrin and the Black sisters travel to Amador and stay in the house of a Darkfriend merchant. It is there that Moghedien finds them and takes command of the group.[14] Liandrin is ordered to search for Nynaeve, though she and her fellow Blacks have little success. After Moghedien follows and attacks Nynaeve in Tel'aran'rhiod, which results in her being shot by Birgitte Silverbow, she returns to her body to be Healed. Liandrin seizes her chance to try to Compel the Forsaken. Unfortunately for her, Moghedien blocks her attack and decides to punish her severely. She shields her and ties it off in a knot so complicated that only another Forsaken could unravel it, and Compels her to live. Moghedien then orders Temaile Kinderode to soften her up and then give her to Evon and Amellia Arene to work as a scullery girl.[15]

Suroth's servantEdit

When the Seanchan invade Amadicia, Liandrin is captured by the High Lady Suroth and made da'covale. Because of her shield she initially is not collared by an a'dam.

Alwhin, Suroth's so'jhin, and Voice, obtained her position because she knew too much about the secrets of the High Lady. So Liandrin later poisoned Alwhin, trying to please Suroth. Instead the High Lady was not pleased because the poisoning brought the attention of the Seekers for Truth.

Later Liandrin informs Suroth that Lunal Galgan has arrived and wishes to see her. Suroth sends Liandrin away to Rosala to be beaten because of her poor behaviour. Suroth also considered that the time has arrived for Liandrin to be collared, because her presence spreads rumours about a marath'damane circulating free in her household.

With Suroth's fall, Liandrin's fate is unknown.

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