The Lieutenant-General was a rank in the armies used during the period a few centuries before the Trolloc Wars until the War of a Hundred Years that commanded a Legion.

In the WestlandsEdit

Due to the formation and subsequent rapid expansion of the Band of the Red Hand, the need for Lieutenant-Generals has arisen. Matrim Cauthon promoted two men, Talmanes Delovinde and Daerid Ondin as Lieutenant-Generals over six Banners of horse and five Banners of foot respectively.

Among the SeanchanEdit

The Seanchan, unlike those in the Westlands, have maintained their military structure unbroken over these last thousand years, along with the rank of Lieutenant-General. Due to the sheer size of the Seanchan forces currently in the Westlands, there should be several people holding this rank.

The following Seanchan officers hold, or have held, the rank of Lieutenant-General during the course of the series.

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