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Lightning of Three Prongs

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Lightning of Three Prongs
First mentioned or used
The Great Hunt, Chapter 45
Mentioned or used by
Rand al'Thor, Unnamed Andoran, Galadedrid Damodred or Eamon Valda

Lightning of Three Prongs is a sword form. The movement of the form is unknown.

In practiceEdit

During their fight in Falme, Rand al'Thor meets Turak Aladon's use of Leaf on the Breeze.[1] During his practice in Caemlyn, one of Rand's opponents uses this form. Rand breaks through it with The Boar Rushes Down the Mountain.[2] Either Galadedrid Damodred or Eamon Valda used this form while the other used Lizard in the Thornbush as a counter.[3]


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