The Little Gold Ring was a quite powerful angreal aligned to saidar. It was a very little plain ring of gold that entered only in the small finger of Graendal; she found it searching in Sammael's quarters in Illian while the Forsaken was fighting against Rand in Shadar Logoth, or just a little time after. Previously the ring was probably stolen from the Kin's Storeroom in Ebou Dar by a group of Darkfriends and given to Sammael.

Graendal used it against Moghedien and Cyndane when they come to give her orders from the Nae'blis. She probably used it also in the Battle near Shadar Logoth against the circle led by Verin.

The ring was destroyed by Rand's balefire assault on Graendal's fortress of Natrin's Barrow.

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