Lizard in the Thornbush
First mentioned or used
The Great Hunt, Chapter 19
Mentioned or used by
Rand al'Thor, Galadedrid Damodred or Eamon Valda

Lizard in the Thornbush is a sword form. This form has been used by a swordsman against single and multiple opponents. The movement of the form ends on one knee.[1]

In practiceEdit

Rand al'Thor used this form to cut through two Trollocs after stealing back the Horn of Valere from Padan Fain.

"Two more Trollocs, wolf and ram, gleaming teeth and curling horns. Lizard in the Thornbush. He rose smoothly from one knee as the second toppled, horns almost brushing his shoulder."
   —Rand's thoughts when using the form.

Either Galadedrid Damodred or Eamon Valda used this form during their duel. The other person tried Lightning of Three Prongs.[2]


  1. The Great Hunt, Chapter 19
  2. Knife of Dreams, Prologue

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