Londaren Cor was the capital city of Eharon, one of the Ten Nations. It was located several days' travel north and east of the port city of Barashta (later Ebou Dar), near but not on the River Eldar. The city was located in or around three hills known as the Dancers.

Londaren Cor was said to have been one of the most beautiful cities of its day. It was built after the Ogier completed Tar Valon, and according to legend the arts they practiced in building that city they perfected at Londaren Cor.

The Palace of the Moon, possibly the seat of the Eharonian rulers, was located in the city and a ritual known as the Blessing of the Swords took place during the Procession of Flutes there, but the details of these events has been lost.

The city was destroyed in the Trolloc Wars, but around 500 years later the ruins were the site of a major battle when the kingdoms of Nerevan and Esandara unified to invade Shiota. The reason for this conflict and the details of its conclusion have been lost.

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