"No truce with the Forsaken. No truce with the Shadow."
   — Rand to Sammael's emissary
For the chapter with the same title in The Eye of the World, see The Eye of the World/Chapter 9.

External summary

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Setting: Caemlyn, Royal Palace of Andor

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is finally learning how to ignore heat and cold while listening to Halwin Norry drone on about the financial status of Andor. Rand is meeting with the Andoran nobles Dyelin, Luan, Abelle and Ellorien to try to get their support for Elayne to take the Lion Throne. After some discussion Rand does not get any commitment from the nobles but they do look at him a bit strangely. After the meeting Rand asks Dyelin about the strange looks. She says it is because he looks like Tigraine, the daughter-heir that disappeared from the palace twenty-five years ago. Rand pieces together that Tigraine must have gone to the Aiel Waste and become Shaiel, his mother.

Bashere brings in an emissary from "Lord Brend", actually Sammael in Illian. After introductions, the emissary's voice changes and the true message from Sammael is given, a request for a truce between them until the Last Battle. Rand rejects the offer of a truce and promises to call Sammael to account for all to deaths and misery he has caused. His rejection of the truce offer causes the emissary to die a bloody death. Rand plans to go to Cairhien and when Aviendha arrives she wants to go also.





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