External summary

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Setting: Cairhien (city), Caemlyn, Sun Palace, Royal Palace of Andor

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is dreaming and when he wakes he realizes that it was Lews Therin's dreams, which is the first time that has happened to him. As he leaves his sleeping chamber he encounters a large crowd which includes Aviendha and a Wise One delegation. Various nobles are also waiting. Rand is about to leave for Caemlyn when Berelain reminds him his orders for Mangin to hang today are ready to be carried out. He announces that he does not intend to watch each murderer hang and heads to the traveling room with the crowd following in his wake.

Back in Caemlyn Rand decides that two Aiel guards are enough. Aviendha goes with him to his room where they talk for a while before she leaves.

Point of view: Aviendha

Outside Rand's room Aviendha remembers the obligation, toh, she has to Elayne for sleeping with Rand when they travelled to Seanchan.