"You must not kill yourself. The road ahead of you is long, dark, and, I very much fear, bloodstained. I also very much fear that you will take us all down that road. But you must live to reach the end of it."
   — Elder Haman to Rand
For the city by the same name, see Shadar Logoth.

External summary

<<<   To Shadar Logoth    >>>
Setting: Royal Palace of Andor in Caemlyn, Aridhol, Two Rivers

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand would like the Ogier, Haman, Covril and Erith to go to Shadar Logoth to identify the location of the Waygate. Initially they are opposed because it would be a detour on the way to the Two Rivers but when Rand offers to travel by Gateway the women favor the idea even though Haman is opposed still. Rand is about to go through when Sulin comes up, believing the Aiel should be going with him. Rand relents but warns them to follow his directions.

Rand lets Haman lead once they are in the city. When they find the gate Rand uses all five powers to weave deadly traps around the Waygate, focusing particularly on Shadowspawn. Rand is about to make a gateway to the Two Rivers when he discovers that Liah is missing. A long and fruitless search begins until finally night comes close and they have to leave. Rand does not want to leave a Maiden behind, but finally has no choice since they would all die if they stayed past dusk. Rand makes a gateway to an empty field near Emond's Field, only it is no longer empty. Sheep and a farmhouse along with a boy shepherd are there to notice his arrival.







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